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Community Health Choice was founded 20 years ago. They are a local non-proift health plan. They started with only a couple of employees in 1997, and had a small and narrow mission. This mission was to improve the health of under-served children in Harris County by making health insurance more affordable to families and individuals. Now, they still run by their mission statement. They still aim to help make health insurance in Southeast Texas more affordable and beneficial. This leads to their vision; a healthy life for every Texan. They are a Managed Care Organization (MCO). Which allows them to offer Childrens Medicare, and CHIP programs. They can do this through their network that has over 10,000 doctors and over 77 hospitals. They as well are affiliated with Harris Health System, although they do not receive any money from Harris Health System, or the Harris County tax payers. They as well show they care about their community, by hosting annual and semi-annual back-to-school events and seminars.

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