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Sendero Health was formed in 2011, as an non-profit organization in central Texas. They formed to improve access to care for those covered by the publicly-funded health insurance programs. This was possible due to Sendero being granted an HMO Certificate of Authority from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). As well, during the time, Sendo has submitted a proposal to the Texas Health and Human Services Comission (HHSC) to manage the STAR and CHIP programs in the 8 county Travis Service Delivery Area. This contract was then granted to Sendero in September of 2011, only a couple months afterwards. This as well allowed them to start managing these two programs (STAR and CHIP) beginning of March, 1st, 2012. Sendero’s mission is that they are dedicated to improving the health of their community by providing affordable, quality, healthcare coverage.  They as well have multiple different tools on their website to help consumers, such as find a pharmacy, or find a provider.

Sendero follows these core values; Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Efficiency, Quality and Collaboration. If you would like to learn more information about their core values, their mission statement, or what makes them different, click here.

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