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Sac Health Insurance

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Insurance Carriers


Federal program run by the Iowa Comprehensive Health Association 877-505-0513



Medicaid for Employed People with Disabilities (MEPD) (Search: MEPD) Both: 800-338-8366, 800-972-2017 Or contact local county Department of Human Services.


Inpatient and outpatient hospital, physician or advanced registered nurse practitioner, and dental services. Polk County residents may receive services at either Broadlawns Hospital or University Hospitals in Iowa City. Residents in other counties must receive services at University Hospitals in Iowa City. The state’s four mental health institutes will offer mental health services. Unlike Medicaid, IowaCare is not an entitlement, meaning that it depends on specific appropriations. Must be Iowa adults ages 19– 64 with income limit of 200% FPL, not be eligible for Medicaid, and be uninsured. Also eligible: Pregnant women with incomes at or below 300% FPL, if their medical costs can bring their monthly incomes to 200% FPL. Patients who do not meet the 200% FPL test but who receive State Papers services for chronic health problems are also eligible. One can apply for a part of a household even if some members do not have legal immigrant status. Proof of immigration status is required for non-U.S. citizens.

Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa (Hawk-i)

Qualified children receive services through a health plan participating in the program: doctor visits, outpatient hospital services, vaccines and shots (immunizations) emergency care, inpatient hospital services, prescriptions, vision, dental, hospice, speech and physical therapy, nursing care services, chiropractic care mental health/substance abuse. Beginning 3/1/2010, dental-only coverage for children who have health insurance but may not have dental coverage will be available. Each county has one or more health plans. Pre-Existing Health Conditions Covered GUARANtee D COV e RAG e Must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified alien and live in Iowa, be under 19 years old, with an income up to 300% FPL. Must have no other health insurance. Must not be a dependent of a State of Iowa employee. Children who qualify for Medicaid cannot get Hawk-i.

Emergency Medicaid

800-338-8366 Members Or contact local county Department of Human Services.

Indian Health Services

605-226-7582 (Search: Aberdeen)

Health Coverage Tax Credit

866-628-4282 (Search: HCTC)


(Age 65 and up) 800-633-4227

VA Medical Benefits Package


Partnership for Prescription Assistance


Women-Infant- Children (WIC)


"Vista Health Solutions" Tel (888)215-4045 Email [email protected]