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Wyoming Health Insurance

Planning to buy health insurance plan in Wyoming? You are in the right place. We’ll provide you with accurate and up-to-date Wyoming health insurance quotes to help you make your decision. Start by entering your zip code above and compare quality health plans from reliable health insurance providers. Learn more about Wyoming health insurance below.

Facts and Figures

  • Place in State
    Health Report Card
  • Insured 452,455
  • Uninsured 78,700
  • Insurance
  • Number of
    Primary Care Physicians
  • Number of
  • Average Cost of
    Health Insurance*

Breakdown of Insureds

  • Employer-sponsored health insurance 62%
  • Private plans 8%
  • Medicaid 13%
  • Medicare 14%
  • Others 3%

Insurance Carriers

State Health Report Card

Smoking among adults in Wyoming went down from 23.8 percent to 19.5 percent in the last ten years. There are 84,000 adult smokers in the state. Diabetes went up from 5.0 percent to 7.2 percent among adults in the last ten years. There are 31,000 adults living with diabetes in Wyoming. Obesity went up from 18.0 percent to 25.7 percent among adults in the past ten years. There are now 110,000 obese adults living in the state. The rate of uninsured population increased from 13.8 percent to 16.3 percent in the past five years. The rate of violent crime went down from 228 to 196 cases per 100,000 population in the past year.

Wyoming Health Insurance Laws and Regulations

Wyoming health insurance plans are required to be sold with a guaranteed renewability clause. This means that you can renew your coverage whenever it’s due to expire, provided that you keep up with the premium payments and do not violate your contract. Furthermore, your policy cannot be terminated on the grounds that you’ve fallen ill. Wyoming health insurance plans can exclude coverage for a pre-existing condition for up to 12 months. The state defines a pre-existing condition as any health problem diagnosed within 6 months before the policy takes effect. When switching to a new policy, the exclusion period spent on your previous plan shall be carried over to the next. Newborns and newly adopted children shall be covered automatically under a parent’s policy, as long as the policy in question covers dependents. This coverage can last up to 31 days, giving parents enough time to look for a more long-term solution. Small businesses reviewing Wyoming health insurance quotes with two to fifty employees are granted access to group health insurance available in other parts of the state. The cost of group a Wyoming health insurance plan for a group can vary accordingly based on the health status of the employees and for no other reason. To maintain this coverage, certain conditions must be met such as having a minimum percentage of participating employees or a minimum employer contribution to each member’s premium payments. Self-employed residents who have reviewed Wyoming health insurance quotes and are considering the purchase of a plan are not qualified to purchase group health coverage unless there is at least one other employee involved. However, they can purchase individual health plans and have a portion of the premium payments deducted from their tax.

Heath Care Reform

With the new health care law, children under the age of 26 can choose to stay under their parent’s Wyoming health insurance as long as they are not offered an employer-based health insurance. This provision enabled 2.5 million young adults to have insurance nationwide. In Wyoming, 5,481 young adults have insurance coverage through this provision as of June 2011.

The new health care law allowed 5,967 Medicare policyholders in Wyoming to receive a $250 rebate check to help with prescription drug costs when they fell into the Medicare gap in 2010. In 2011, 5,540 Medicare plan holders were given a 50% discount on brand-name prescription drugs covered by their plans when they hit the donut hole. An average of $641 per person or a total of $3,550,375 was saved in Wyoming.

Previously uninsured individuals without health coverage because of a pre-existing condition can now apply for a Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. This plan is available to U.S. citizens or legal residents with a pre-existing condition and have been uninsured for at least 6 months. In 2011, 137 individuals in Wyoming have benefited from this new law.

When looking at Wyoming health insurance quotes, applicants are assured that at least 80 percent of the price will go directly to health care services and other related improvements. A rebate or premium discount shall be provided if the minimum is not met. Around 152,000 private policyholders in Wyoming will get greater value for their premium payments because of this 80/20 rule.

Preventive care services like immunizations, colonoscopies, mammograms, or annual wellness doctor visits must be included in all Wyoming health insurance with no deductibles or co-pays. In 2011, 48,673 Medicare subscribers and 102,000 individuals with private policies received such services in Wyoming.

Under the new law, insurance companies are no longer allowed to impose an annual dollar limit – a cap on the yearly spending for your benefits, or a lifetime dollar limit – a lifetime cap for spending for your covered benefits. This law frees chronically ill individuals like cancer patients from worrying about getting further treatment because of such limitations. In 2011, 196,000 Wyoming residents have benefited from this law.

All fifty states receive increases in funding for community health centers under the Affordable Care Act. This will help construct new health centers, provide medical services to more patients, improve preventive and primary health care services, and fund infrastructure projects. In Wyoming, 17 community health centers received a total of $14 million to fund these improvements.

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act created the Prevention and Public Health Fund. This new fund was created for wellness promotion, disease prevention, and protection against public health emergencies. Wyoming has already received a total of $2.2 million to support its policies, programs, and communities to help its residents lead healthier lives.


State Government Insurance Programs Offered

Medicaid (EqualityCare)


Medicaid is a health program funded by the state and federal government and aims to provide health coveragefor individuals and families with low-incomes and resources. Services covered include physician services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, laboratory and x-ray, nursing home care, nurse midwife and nurse practitioner services, health center and rural health clinic services, family planning, and immunizations and other early and periodic screening, diagnostic, and treatment (EPSDT) services for children. Medicaid also covers treatment for special health problems such as breast cancer, renal problems, and AIDS. Eligibility: 1. Must be U.S. citizens or qualified residents living in Wyoming. 2. Must not exceed income limits: Pregnant women: 133% of the federal poverty level (FPL). Children aged 0-5 years: 133% of the FPL. Children aged 6-18 years: 100% of the FPL. Children in foster care: 133% of the FPL for ages 0-5 years; 100% of the FPL for ages 6-18 years; children up to 20 years may qualify under certain conditions. Parents or Caretakers living with children below 19 years old: Monthly income of $362 a month for one; $512 for two; $590 for three; $659 for four. Aged, blind, and disabled: 75% of the FPL with assets not exceeding $2,000 for singles; 83% of the FPL with assets not exceeding $3,000 for couples. Individuals living in nursing homes or require in-patient hospital care: monthly income of $2,022 with assets not exceeding $2,000 for singles and $3,000 for couples. There is a $109,560 resource limit for couples if only member is applying.

Wyoming Kid Care

877-543-7669 888-996-8786

State Kid Care CHIP aims to help uninsured children under 19 years acquire Wyoming health insurance coverage. Covered services include doctor visits, lab and x-ray services, inpatient and outpatient hospital services, well-baby, well-child and well-adolescent care, prescriptions, immunizations, vision services, dental services, medically-necessary orthodontics, physical therapy, mental health services, and many others. Eligibility: 1. Must be a U.S. citizen or qualified resident living in Wyoming. 2. Must be aged under 19 years. 3. Must not be eligible for Medicaid. 4. Must be uninsured for at least thirty days prior to application. 5. Must not be a dependent of a state employee. 6. Must not be placed in a public institution. 7. Must meet income guidelines.

Wyoming Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

307-777-6006 800-264-1296

The Wyoming Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program offers free coverage for breast and cervical cancer screening exams for qualified women living in Wyoming. Services offered include clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams, Pap smears, office visits, certain diagnostic tests, cervical lab tests, and breast lab tests. Eligibility: 1. Must be women and U.S. citizens or qualified residents living in Wyoming. 2. Must be uninsured. 3. Must be between 50 and 64 years old. Women between 30 and 64 may qualify if they haven’t taken any Pap tests in the past five years. Women between 18 and 50 may qualify if they have abnormal results from breast or cervical exams. 4. Income must not exceed 250% of the federal poverty level (FPL).  

Wyoming Medicare


Medicare is administered by the federal government and provides Wyoming health insurance coverage for Americans aged 65 and above or those younger than 65 but have a disability or end-stage renal disease. Coverage has four parts: Part A: provides inpatient care in hospitals and rehabilitative centers. Part B: provides doctor and some preventive services and outpatient care. Part C: provides Medicare benefits through Medicare Advantage. Part D: provides prescription drug coverage. Eligibility: 1. Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident. 2. Must be 65 years or older, with you or your spouse having worked in a Medicare-covered employment for at least ten years; or have a qualified disability or end-stage renal disease, regardless of age.

Best Beginnings


Best Beginnings offers quality, comprehensive perinatal services for expecting mothers. Qualified women can access early and continued prenatal care and other services for pregnant women as well as their families. The program offers pregnancy-related teaching, counseling, and educational materials; referrals to appropriate resources in the community; individual or group prenatal classes; smoking cessation assistance and referral; parenting classes; home visits for moms and babies, and breastfeeding support. Eligibility for the program may vary according to county. Call the local office in your area to find out if you qualify for the plan. 

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