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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Health InsuranceDo you want to save money on your health insurance? Vista Health Solutions is a licensed health insurance broker that can give you a broad range of quotes to choose from including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance quotes. We will assist you in every step of the application process. From the time you get quotes, once the application is approved, we make things easier for you. And we’ll still be there a year after to remind you of your renewal date. Customer care is one of our specialties. You can contact us by phone or online (via chat or email) and you can be assured that our representatives are always ready to help.



About Anthem

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is the largest health insurance provider in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield started in 1944. But in 2005 they merged with WellPoint Health Networks. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance has a good track record in the health benefits industry. Proof of this is their consistent “A” rating from A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s main goal is to better the communities’ overall health and provide excellent care for all its members. Not only does it provide Medicare Supplement, but also Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. One of the benefits of being a member of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is as a member, you get prescription savings and prevention care, i.e. provided exercise programs. Because it does provide Medicare, it does allow for renewal annually, though they do not guarantee you’ll be covered each year.

It is a trading name in thirteen states. It is an HMO plan, an LPPO plan, an RPPO plan, and a PDP with a Medicare contract.



AnthemGeneral Contact Information 

Use the following toll-free numbers to contact Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield or contact us at (888)215-4045 for


  • Medicaid Services 844-946-8002
  • Child Health Plus 844-946-8002
  • Essential Plan 800-852-7826
  • Medicare 800-665-7924



AnthemTypes of Health Insurance Plans Sold by Anthem 

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the following insurance plan types that allow their members to balance both cost and freedom. For a description of the  plan types listed below, visit our health insurance FAQ page


  • EPO
  • HMO
  • POS
  • PPO



AnthemAnthem Insurance markets 

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield sells (and provides) the following types of health plans  throughout New York State


  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Catastrophic health insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Child Health Plus
  • Essential Plan


AnthemSpecial Programs offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Below is a sample listing of the most popular discount programs made available to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield members.  Visit their site to find a complete listing of programs and products offered.


  • Gym Reimbursement Program
  • Health and Care Management Programs
  • Little Footprints Case Management Program
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Living Well Programs
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