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Compare health insurance plans from the nation’s top-rated health insurance companies Vista Health Solutions specializes in making shopping for health insurance plans both convenient and simple. Whether for individuals, families, the self-employed and small businesses, we have you covered.

Shopping for a subsidized Marketplace plan? Look no further, at marketplace plans are already a part of our vast network of health insurance coverage options. Our simple online Quoting tool calculates your expected subsidy so you can see the “before and after” price of your insurance premium.

Unlike other health insurance websites, at you’re never required to enter any entering personal information. Get health insurance rates immediately based on your zip code, age, and family status. That’s it, with that information we will generate the best affordable health insurance policies just for you.

Once you have selected a policy, complete our online application in minutes. And if you happen to need any assistance one of our friendly and knowledgeable health insurance associates is here to help.

Not sure how health care reform affects you? We’ve created a series of articles and comprehensive tools to explain and illustrate health care reform and what that means to you and your health insurance choices. Our health care reform calculators and our health care reform guide provide answers to the most common health care reform questions.

We’re national and our quoting engine will generate an instant quote for residents of all 50 states, matching you with the top health insurance carriers across the nation. Start by inputting your zip code above and in under a minute compare health insurance plans side by side. Need additional information about health insurance plans and health care reform in your state? Be sure to visit our Health Insurance by State directory.

We strongly believe that everyone is entitled to health insurance that’s both affordable and comprehensive. As such, we offer the most options in the market today, such as HMOs (health maintenance organizations) PPOs (preferred provider organizations) EPOs (exclusive provider organizations) POS (point of service plans) as well as HDHPs (high deductible health plans) HSA’s (health savings accounts known as self-funded), CDHP’s (consumer-directed/driven) and catastrophic health insurance options (major medical included).

Find the health insurance policy that covers your needs and stop paying too much for coverage that just doesn’t work for you. Remember that you can always shop for a plan by either using our instant quote tool or by simply contacting one of our customer service members to find the health insurance plan that’s right for you.