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SummaCareDo you want to get quotes from the nation’s top insurers like SummaCare Health Insurance? We at Vista Health Solutions can do that and more. We are a licensed health insurance broker working with leading carriers in all fifty states. We have health insurance options for working individuals, sole proprietors, families, and even those with a pre-existing condition who are having a hard time acquiring coverage.



About SummaCare

As a patient-focused population health management organization, Summa Healthcare provides coordinated integrated care and excellent experience for the residents of Northeast Ohio. Summa’s population strategy is to transform the way of delivering care to positively impact the health of the community. Working with each patient, the company centers on wellness through regular primary care visits and health screenings, and personalized specialty care. Today, SummaCare of Ohio stands as a trusted and respected healthcare insurance provider in the state. With a legacy spanning nearly three decades, it remains dedicated to its mission of enhancing the health and quality of life for all of Ohio residents through affordable, reliable, and high-quality healthcare coverage.



SummaCareGeneral Contact Information 

If you would like to contact SummaCare directly, below are the most common departments or visit them online




SummaCareTypes of Health Insurance Plans Sold by SummaCare

As one of the largest health insurance companies, SummaCare offers the following plans,  allowing its members the ability to balance both cost and freedom. For a completed description of each plan, please visit our health insurance FAQ page

  • HMO
  • EPO
  • PPO



SummaCareSummaCare Insurance Markets 

SummaCare sells (or provides) health insurance products  to the following markets  throughout the nation


  • Individual Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Medicare



SummaCareSpecial Programs offered by SummaCare

Health Insurance companies often provide discounts aimed at keeping their membership population healthy. Below are the most common discount programs offered by SummaCare.


  • Gym Reimbursement
  • Weight Management Program
  • Disease Management Program
  • 24/7 Nurse Line
  • Vision & Dental Services
  • SummaCare Quit Care
  • Health Coaching
  • Free Flu Shots
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