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Humana, Inc. is a American health insurance company that is based in Louisville, Kentucky. Humana was founded in 1857, under the name “Extendicare, Inc.”. Extendicare was a nursing home company, and it became The CEO of Humana is Bruce Broussard. Five years-ago, Humana had over 13 million members nationwide. This allowed them to report $41.3 billion in revenue, which they did with over 51,000 employees. Last year, they were ranked number 56 on the Forbees 500 list. This means that it was the highest ranked company that is based in Kentucky. Humana was ranked as the third largest health insurance provider in the entire United States of America. Their mission statement is that they are committed to helping employees manage their healthcare costs, guiding consumers to make informed health and benefits decisions, and to give back to the community that they serve. Their slogan as well is, “Guidance where you need it most”. With their slogan and mission statement, it shows that they truly care about their consumers and employees. This shows that they are one of the companies that want to make the healthcare community even better.

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